How to paint a scalloped wall effect: Pretty Pink Bedroom

This has to be my favourite room in the house. Painting a scalloped effect on the wall has created such a calming space for my girl, and me! I’ve broken down how I did it into just a few steps:

Firstly I decided how high to have the effect – I went for 150cm so that it would feel a bit like she was inside castle walls, leaving enough space above for the sky to be. I roughly marked out where this was and painted in white above this line and about 20cm below making sure to thin the paint as you go down so that no paint finish lines won’t show when you paint over it in your colour.

Once the white paint was on I then measured the 150cm line accurately and using a long piece of wood and a spirit level I marked this line with a pencil.

It may seem like you then don’t need the Frog tape but you do! It’s what makes it so much easier to keep the scallops all the same size later on.

Next grab a circular item that is the size you’d like your scallop to be. I went for a kids IKEA plate as this was the perfect size but you can go bigger or smaller.

Put your plate on the wall so that you get your perfect scallop shape and place your frog tape in a perfect line either side of your plate so that the tape on your plate is straight with your wall tape.

Once you’re happy with that you can draw around the plate on a piece of paper and cut out your scallop shape – you’ll need this to go round the corners in your room.

Now you can get started drawing on the wall! Line up your plate and start at one side of the doorway. This is important as you won’t be able to match up the scallops unless you start and finish at the door. Continue marking the scallops until you come to a corner. Instead of using the plate, take your paper template and carefully use this to continue your pattern around the corner.

Now take off your Frog tape and start painting! Use a paint brush to carefully do the scallops along your marked edges, then paint down the edges of each wall and along the skirting. Finish by using a roller to paint the rest of the wall and you’re done!

You can then add your own personal touch through decal, shelves and pictures 💕

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