Psychology of Colour – Green

Part of the Psychology of Colour Series

Wise old Kermit Frog said ‘It’s not easy being green’ and there may never be a truer statement than this! Green is such a beautiful colour full of interesting shades and tones but caution, dear reader, if used in the wrong way you can find it has the opposite effect to what you were intending, leaving you feeling drained instead of inspired.

Green is our second favourite colour, behind blue, and is associated with growth, harmony, nature, magic, peace and balance. But be warned, it has also been associated with greed, jealously and distrust. Colour psychology is a powerful tool to really understand how different shades can evoke different emotions and being conscious of that in your shade choice. Green has been shown to physically stimulate the pituitary gland resulting in relaxation of your muscles, and its no coincidence that you see this colour in waiting rooms, or medical areas where a calming influence is greatly needed.

Do make sure that whatever shade of green you choose, get a sample and live with it through the cycle of day, examining how it makes you feel in different lights (natural and electric).

“If you’re combining different shades of green a quick rule is to stick to using either yellow-based greens or blue-based greens.” Annie Sloan

I’ve found some favourite pics of other peoples use of green in a really inspirational way to help you decide what sings out to you. Most of these have accents of metallic in them – either in the form of lighting, door furniture or accessories – the beauty of green is it always works well with metals. That’s why a drinks trolley photographed in front of a green wall looks so good!

Avoid green and white looking sterile by adding warm tones of wood such as this hallway mirror (Photo taken myself)
Shades of rusty orange with green to beautifully and can create a interesting tribal look to your home. (Source:Dulux)
Pink and green should always be seen! (Source: Jane Clayton Interiors)
Let nature add all the green inspiration you need. (Source: Sophie Robinson Interiors)
Metallics and green go so beautifully (Source: the Home Depot)
Pushing back at ‘blue and green should never be seen’ in this bedroom space (Source: House of Turquoise)

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