How to design your home

Is it Insta-worthy? Who cares?

There seems to be a shift on social media to the most incredible photographs of seemingly ‘normal’ people living in supernaturally fantastical homes. How wonderful for them! But are we to believe that these living spaces actually exist on a practical day to day basis? Well quite possibly I guess if you have multiple staff at home – lucky you!

It’s got me worried. I’m worried that people may begin or already have begun choosing what they love with just their eyes and not their heart. Milo Baughman, furniture designer, beautifully said:

“Learn to look not just with your eyes but with your heart. Find the things that connect with you. How else will you know how to design your home?”

I truly believe that Pinterest, Instagram, etc, are a huge potential threat to your own personal creativity & connection with your own style. Of course, we can’t deny that images of other peoples homes are inspirational – they are! And, they have a wonderful place in supporting you build your own vision but they are not the be all and end all. The process of finding your own style has to be multifaceted.

By using your eyes to scan through images I can guarantee you will Pin or save a huge number that appeal to you. Why wouldn’t an immaculate home, beautifully presented appeal to anyone! The big question you have to ask yourself is to open up that Pinterest board of all your saved images and look at the whole board. What is standing out to you? What colours are you drawn to more than others? What images suddenly look bland, or unrealistic for your life? Then rather than delete the ones that you think don’t work, just go through and save the ones that do to a new board, one that sings to you.

I’ve recently joked with my architect that my style hasn’t yet been invented. It’s perfectly ok to not fit into any mould when it comes to what you love. There’s been lots of chatter over the last few years about going through your wardrobe and brutally cleansing it & only then purchasing what you love, well the same can be said to your home.

Please don’t worry if your home is not ‘Insta-worthy’, the bigger question is whether it is a true reflection of you and no one else.

Instaworthy photos
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