Finding Small Businesses to Support

After the recent announcement of a second lockdown my thoughts immediately went to all the small businesses out there who’s head must have hit their hands. After working tirelessly this year, the lead up to Christmas is such an important time for markets and small retail outlets to make their buck that hearing they couldn’t get out there must have been a real blow.

I decided to start searching for small businesses that I could keep a directory of to share so that rather than shop at all the usuals this Christmas why not try something that not only is much more interesting for you but equally more interesting for the person receiving!

What did I find? Well in a nutshell – a disappointing collection of directory websites that weren’t well mobile optimised and contained a confusing list of businesses mostly with expired links.

I started to worry. I vowed that this year I was going to buy from small businesses and it didn’t suddenly started to feel like rather than be an enjoyable task it was going to be bloody hard work just to find them in the first place.

Que Mad About The House! I follow this account on Instagram and yesterday she suddenly popped up on my stories saying she’d worked hard to collect an ever growing directory of small businesses to support – hurrah! Not only has this saved me huge amount of work – thank you Kate!! – but it’s also brilliant! She’s collated an incredible collection of design led, creative and inspiring business all of which are small and needing our support. Most are home wares and if you don’t find everything you need for this Christmas then please let me know and I’ll do another blog on some of your favourite small businesses to add. E.g children’s gifts.

Here’s the link to her blog post:

A Directory of Small Businesses

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