Find Out How Indoor Plants Can Improve Your Life

I wasn’t too surprised last year to read that plants can have a positive impact on our lives but I’d never questioned why or delved any deeper until now!

In our last home the master bedroom was a calming space that I’d worked hard on to ensure was conducive to a good nights sleep, but I hadn’t thought of using plants as part of the scheme. Then in 2019 a friend of mine, Sarah Cheetham of Twig Plants, started a new business creating beautiful handmade plant pots and we got to chatting about plants that give off oxygen & cleanse the air around them. It was like a whole new world was opening up to me!

Partly to support her new venture but also to add some greenery to our lives I ordered a pot with a snake plant and as soon as it was situ it transformed the corner of the bedroom and looked like it should have always been there.

So why is that? What are the benefits to plants in our day to day lives? I’ve been researching into this as I truly believe in the positive impact plants can have and intend to fill our new home with them (and hopefully keep them all alive for long enough to be enjoyed)! Here’s what I found out…

  • They smell… Smelling pleasant smells has been proven to improve your mood. An improved mood then leads to other great benefits such as increase in productivity, creativity, and socialising.
  • Plants have been shown to decrease stress levels and boost confidence! What’s not to like?
  • Plants increase your friendliness towards others!
  • From an interior design point of view plants improve your perception of space.
  • My personal favourite…Plants are air-purifiers. Absolutely love this fact, especially with young children, this is a really great benefit. If you’re putting in new carpets as well then plants can help to absorb those horrid VOCs that get expelled from the carpets.
  • Plants have been shown to improve your ability to cope with pain.

There are so many mental and physical health benefits to having plants in your home, combine that with the fact that plants can look great too then I wholeheartedly encourage you to get out there and get filling your homes with greenery!

Please though, if you can, be creative with how you source your plants. There are some incredible businesses out there selling plants and pots sustainably. You can add some real uniqueness to your home by choosing smaller businesses for your pots, whilst also grabbing some ‘feel good’ for yourself for shopping small.

Check out where my inspiration started @twigplants

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