Dulux Colour of the Year – Brave Ground

Have you heard?

“Dulux colour experts have chosen Brave Ground™, a bolstering shade that connects back to nature and the simple things. A warm, earthy tone, it creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home.”

Brave Ground – Dulux 2021 Colour of the Year

What do you think?

Personally I like it and can imagine it working well with other injections of colour in any space. Their description gives us an insight into the trend next year of going back to nature and simplicity in your designs. The use of sustainable materials will be huge and a simple room appearance with statement pieces will be seeing a resurgence.

This feels like great timing for our renovation as we live surrounded by trees and I’ve been looking for inspiration on how to compliment our surroundings seamlessly in our design.

Dulux themselves are pairing this colour with warm shades of pink and orange which wouldn’t be my taste personally but I can see how that works. I can see me using it more in a raw clay look bathroom or cosy snug – how will use be using it in your home?

Brave Ground Dulux Paint Colours

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