Introduction to Our 1970s Dream Home

Do (did) you dream about what your ‘forever home’ would look like? Well I did and it looked nothing like this! Don’t get me wrong I love our new home and truly believe in it’s potential but it’s not what I had imagined we’d end up in. I had wanted an Edwardian detached house with tonnes of original features, high ceilings and interesting architecture. What we have is a 1970s, extended box with zero features, BUT the views and the position in the village are above and beyond all my expectations so we really had to weigh it all up before buying.

I think it’s only healthy to be honest with yourself about this. It’s ok that it’s not what I’d imagined, in a way I’m quite pleased that this is going to really challenge me in its renovation journey.

I remember when we first saw the house on Rightmove. I ruled it out because I thought it was ugly and couldn’t see any potential even though it was in our dream village. Almost a year went by and the house appeared back on Rightmove after it’s previous sale fell through, this time with less land attached to it, slightly more affordable and we’d been searching in and around the village for such a long time we thought it was worth a visit.

We booked a visit and something weird happened – for those that know, you just know – we were walking into our ‘home’. I had my son strapped to my chest in his baby carrier, my daughter running around into every room and my husband attempting to ask all the right questions to the estate agent. I just kept quiet and wandered around. The view from every window was so calming. Looking inside the house there was nothing to ‘fall in love’ with but the feeling from inside the house looking out was perfect. It reminded me of my grandparents old house in Warwickshire and it had an incredible effect of making me feel secure and happy.

I looked at our two children and I could imagine them growing up here, enjoying the space – and let’s be honest, would they give two hoots about an original fireplace? Is that what makes a family happy or is creating the space around you that compliments your life rather than defines it? Don’t get me wrong, the fireplace would have been a nice addition but it made me realise those things aren’t actually at the top of my wish list even though I’d always thought they would be.

It’s funny how when you find the home you deep down know is right for you, your wish list really does go out the window. It’s not until about a week before exchange and completion that you suddenly start panicking about this all over again! Luckily we made it through the doubts and we’re here now!

So, as of Sept 2020 we have been here for two and a half months, we’ve appointed an architect and have just received the first draft drawings of what we could do to transform the space. Very exciting! Follow me on the journey of renovation and I hope there’s more ups than downs to be had together!

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