Top Tips for Moving House During Lockdown

Are you facing the prospect of moving home during lockdown? Do you have children and don’t know how you’re going to manage?

If it’s all starting to feel overwhelming please read on and I hope beyond all hope that some of these words might help you get through and even come out the other side with some great memories.

  1. Take the opportunity to de-clutter…I mean really declutter – be brutally honest with yourself. Have you moved with this item before and still not used it? Do you wear this item of clothing? Will you ever use this again? Don’t hold on to clutter because not only do you have to pack it (the easy bit) but you also have to unpack it and find somewhere in your lovely new home.
  2. Fill your drawers! This might sound a little odd…but this was such great advice that I got given. Drawers just get picked up by your removal firm and so saves using lots of additional boxes. I packed up the framed pictures in my daughters room in between her clothes in the chest of drawers!
  3. Make a picnic. Children love picnics and it’s also something they are familiar with. On a day when the whole world around them is changing it’s a good idea to pack up a bag of their favourite toys, a blanket and their lunch boxes. We had our picnic in the empty house waiting to get the keys to our new home – it genuinely is such an incredible memory of us all sitting together saying goodbye to the home I brought both children home from hospital to. Plus, it’s super easy to forget to feed and water yourself on such a manic day, but you need to strength!
  4. Book your takeaway! Did you know you can order your take away in advance? Get organised and book it in so you don’t have to unpack the kitchen when your exhausted and just want to sit down after the children have gone to bed.
  5. Keep a large box in reserve. Did you know how much fun can be had with just one large cardboard box? Here’s a link to some great ideas of what you could with boxes to keep the kids entertained (and out the way for you to unpack!)

Finally, don’t rush the unpacking. The upside of lockdown is that you won’t be having lots of visitors eager to see how you’ve settled in, so take your time unpacking and use the time to evaluate your space and make some great decisions on your interior styling for your new home. Check out some of my house renovation posts for inspiration.

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