Introduction to Life and House Design

It was my Birthday recently and a friend of mine handed me a beautifully wrapped present on a night out to celebrate. Inside were three books on house design, not something I’d asked for or spoken to her about. She’d heard me going on and on about all the ideas going round in my head about my house and its future potential. I was taken aback by how thoughtful her gift was and it spurred me on to sit down and read them, taking the time out to really focus on what I wanted to achieve in our family home to suit our future family life.

You see, we’ve moved into a bit of a project. It’s not that the house is falling down, or needs completely gutting, its just that its tired, dated and doesn’t suit modern family living. If I’m honest, when we first saw the house I ruled it out of our shortlist, I just couldn’t see how we’d transform it without spending far too much money and having far too many headaches! Luckily I married a complete optimist – he’s the kind of man that says ‘Oh, it’s only 10 minutes down the road’ then 30 minutes later we’re still not there! Whilst that can be frustrating (alot of the time!!) it does bring a sense of happy adventure to our lives and the purchase of this house is just another one those great adventures (I hope).

So, here we go, we’ve got the house, we’ve got two kids and we have a happy life. It’s time to start a renovation adventure – will you join me?

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