Finding an Architect

Finding an architect
Finding the right architect takes you on the first steps to creating your dream home

We are procrastinators – there’s no denying it. We’ve known since before we even moved into this house that we’d need to find an architect to help us achieve what we wanted to, but still, actually sitting down and coming up with a shortlist seemed to take us months. Why is that? When you know that by ticking that job off the list your life will become just that little bit easier but you still prioritise catching up with the latest Netflix series over this? I’m sure many psychologists have written about this! But, hey, I think I’m procrastinating getting on with the point of this blog now. So, eventually, we did make the time to trawl through the internet to find an architect we could trust with the most important non-human thing in our lives – our home.

And, what did our trawl through the internet give us…absolutely nothing. Honestly! I, personally, don’t trust easily. The number of search results was huge, and figuring out how to differentiate between legitimate or not and innovative or not felt impossible. I would genuinely recommend joining your local community groups on Facebook as this proved a brilliant source of reliable recommendations from people in the area. It was important to us to find an architect who not only understood us but also understood the constraints of the local council planning department so that we didn’t get too over excited about an all singing all dancing project that just ended up getting rejected at planning applications stage. Our local village Facebook group came up trumps and gave us a great list to contact. We put up a post describing a little bit about what we wanted to do and the sort of architect we were looking for and waited for the responses.

We ended up shortlisting a couple based on recommendations and looking through their previous work. The portfolio of the architect was really important to us as it shows their style and capabilities. Then by meeting in person you get to see who did their homework before meeting you. You should expect the architect to come prepared for your first meeting with ideas already formed, if they don’t then I would steer clear. You want an architect who is as keen on doing the project as you are and if their hearts not in it then I don’t believe you’ll get a good enough working relationship to be able to bounce ideas back and forth readily to get the best end result.

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